Access Control Systems

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Access Control SystemsSmart, secure and innovative. Electronic access control locking systems provides additional features beyond mechanical key control. Access control locking system are operated effortlessly by either fid swipe cards, biometric readers, wireless bluetooth, pin password codes or proximity I keys, which instantly identifies and permits access to authorized person whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors. It can also monitor employee times and attendance patterns if desired. Networked data log.

It is the gatekeeper and identifies who may enter. Total security control with State-of-the-art-technology all by Brooklyn Heights Locksmith – Security.

This type of system is suitable for primary locking applications or as a secondary locking system to permit a smoother and more graceful entry throughout the day to authorized persons.

As there are no keys to manage with basic combination entry systems, user codes could easily be changed within seconds which could effectively eliminate expensive lock re-keying or lock changes.

Electronic access control systems are used in a high volume of commercial building around the globe these days. It allows you to control access, constantly securing your premises. Access control systems have become more cost effective these days, saving you significant costs in owning a system and in time management.

Mechanical & Digital Code Pad Locks

For medium security environments, available

are these cost effective mechanical or

digital battery powered code entry locks.

They are can retro-fit most door-locking applications.

Locksmith Brooklyn Heights member will happily come to your business obligation free, to help you find the most effective, intelligent locking systems to defend your business from external threats as well as internal ones.

Brooklyn Heights Locksmith can design, supply and install for you the most suitable and cost effective access control system to suit your needs for your sites whether large or small.

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