Car Lock Out

Car Lock OutWhen traveling by car, one of the most frustrating and embarrassing things you can do is to lock your keys in the car. These situations not only put a damper on your immediate plans, they can also play havoc with the entire trip. When faced with this predicament, don’t panic, trying one of several tips might help you reunite with your keys and be quickly on your way.

Coat Hanger Or Lasso

Another option for retrieving locked keys in a car is to use a lasso tool or a wire coat hanger. You can create your own lasso tool by tying a piece of string securely into a loop around the end of a thin piece of metal or wood. Make sure the piece of metal or wood is thin enough to fit between the top of the side door window and the car door frame. If using a coat hanger, straighten the wire and bend its hooked end into a circular shape, similar to a lasso. Next, slide the tool between the window and door frame and lower the lassoed end around the flat part of the door’s unlocking mechanism, then pull up. If your car doesn’t have interior lock mechanisms, you can try using the same tools to press the mechanical unlock mechanism to open your car’s doors.

Pick Lock

Picking your car’s lock is a good option if you drive an older car, namely one that is not operated by a sensor key, in which case, you wouldn’t need to pick the lock in the first place. If you have some, spray the lock with a liberal amount of WD-40. Picking the lock will work best if you have a large safety pin, straight pin or straightened paper clip. Insert the paper clip directly into the lubricated keyhole, then wiggle the tool in different directions until you hear the click of the door unlocking.