Intercom Installation / Intercom Repair

Operating from Brooklyn location, Brooklyn Heights intercom technicians are professional and have years of experience.
Brooklyn Heights Locksmith is aware of the very latest security technology. This comes from our close relationships with many of our suppliers. We are one of few firstly informed and are up to date with the latest security products or information that can significantly assist you with your security needs.
Locksmith Brooklyn Heights supply, install and service all major intercom brands.
Our business motto still stands today as it did the first day it opened; 100% Customer Satisfaction
Intercom Service
Intercom systems are made up of a number of components. The complexity of your system will depend on the size and layout of your home or business. Because of this, installation is a complicated process that requires specialized skills and a professional touch. This is precisely what you get when you partner with Paragon Security.
You can also depend on us for intercom system maintenance and repair. In older systems, we can help you make upgrades where needed in order to keep your intercom’s performance at its best. If your intercom is not working properly, Paragon’s service experts will troubleshoot it to pinpoint the exact problem that needs to be repaired.
Why Choose Brooklyn Heights Locksmith NY Security? Our commitment. We hold every interaction with every customer to the highest standard. We are extremely proud of our repeat business and utmost level of customer satisfaction. We all have the same needs, so you can rest assured that the quality of service Brooklyn Heights Locksmith provides to you will exceed your expectations.
Contact us for repairs to your intercom system, or ask for free estimate if you are considering a new system. We’re proud to serve customers all across Brooklyn.
Leading brands of intercoms that we carry are including:
Butterfly MX
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Our reputation is extremely important to us. At, Locksmith Brooklyn Heights we are dedicated to looking after and creating long term working relationships with all our customers. We honor and proudly stand by our motto, “we care for and look after our own”, when you become in regular contact with us, we will further treat you like family and will always show our loyalty to you by going out of our way to quickly and efficiently meet yours and your clients security needs, 24/7. 100% Customer Satisfaction, All of Brooklyn Heights Locksmith work is guaranteed.