Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks crown heights BrooklynMagnetic locks, also called electromagnetic locks, provide an excellent level of security especially when properly installed by Brooklyn Heights Locksmith. Magnetic locks are quickly becoming more and more popular. They have several advantages such as being long lasting, low maintenance as there are no moving parts and are relatively easy to install. Magnetic locks differ from traditional locks in that they rely on magnetism and electricity to secure the door rather than a bolt or latch.

We can provide your business with magnetic locks appropriate for the most basic security needs to the highest security needs. When your magnetic lock is installed by our professional locksmiths you can be guaranteed it will be done correctly with your business’ security always in mind.

Will installing a new lock damage my door?

If your new lock installation is carried out by a professional home locksmith, then there should be no damage caused to your door.
Brooklyn Heights Locksmith‘s skilled technicians will have to drill the necessary holes into your door so that they can insert the new lock properly and securely, but we guarantee no damage to your door.
It is vital that your new lock installation is carried out by a professional because there are many parts of the process that could lead to a damaged door if it is not carried out as needed. By hiring an unprofessional (and therefore cheaper) locksmith company, you may end up having to spend thousands for dollars more on an new door installation.

How long will the new lock installation take?

The time it will take to install your new locks varies, for a few reasons. First, it depends on the material your door is of. For example, it takes much longer to install a lock on a steel door as opposed to a wooden door.
Moreover the total installation time will vary depending on whether or not the holes required for a new lock installation have already been drilled into your door. If they have not, it would understandably take more time because the necessary holes must be drilled so that the lock can be fitted into the door.
Finally, the installation time might vary depending on the kinds of locks being installed. Some homeowners request a simple knob spring lock for added protection. On the side of the spectrum, someone else may prefer to install both a doorknob lock as well as a deadbolt lock in order to make their door very secure. When done by a professional technician, your new lock installation should take no more than half an hour.